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Sea Glass Art: DIY Gift & Home Decor.

From Pages 114-117 of Our Story Magazine • Summer 2022 • Issue No.3

By Faith Collins

[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Page 114-115 of Our Story Magazine, Summer 2022.]

Did you discover any tiny treasures at the beach this summer—sparkling sea glass, smooth beach pebbles, or unique sea shells? We invite you and your family to create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special or a custom piece of framed art for your home as you share and savor memories from the summer and for years to come.

Sea glass is naturally weathered pieces of glass that can be found on many coastal pebbled shores. It’s like tumbled stones. It’s basically sharp pieces of glass recycled into soft, frosted sea jewels—all done by the ocean!

Depending upon where you live, you may be able to find sea glass along the shores of beaches. If not, you can find sea glass in arts and crafts stores. Either way, sea glass makes for fun, creative artwork.

Sea glass began from discarded, broken, even smashed pieces of glass. But those pieces, through time and weathering, become beautiful, soft, and colourful.

Fun facts about sea glasswhite, green, and brown are the most common sea glass colours, and blue, red, orange, and yellow pieces are the most difficult to find.

[PHOTO: Page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. 117 of Our Story Magazine, Summer 2022.]


1. Sea glass

2. Pebbles and shells

3. Picture frame

4. Matting (optional)

5. Card stock

6. Hot glue gun

7. Black pen

[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Several supplies or wreath making. Page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Several supplies for sea glass art. Page 116 of Our Story Magazine, Summer 2022.]


Spread out your sea glass, shells, pebbles, and other materials on a surface. Play around with them to see what will work. Take the time to look at the materials in front of you, as doing so will inspire your creative design. No two pieces of sea glass will ever be the same, so embrace each individual piece. The uniqueness makes the artwork even that much more beautiful.

Take the time to look at each piece and envision what it could possibly be. A flower? Person? Heart? Item of clothing? Lighthouse? The options are endless! Remember, it’s your creation! As every piece of sea glass is unique, so are you!

Cut your card stock to the size of the frame (or a little larger than the matting if you’re using a matted frame). You can use the frame’s backing piece as a template.

Before you glue anything, always make sure you move your pieces around. Decide what it is you want to create. You may want to use a black felt pen to add more to your artwork story–or maybe you would rather not. It’s up to you! I do find that simplicity creates the best story.

[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. This wreath is a lovely example of a wreath you could display from Spring into the Fall. It would also be nice without a letter or with an extra-large letter embellishment. From page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Sample sea glass art. Page 114 of Our Story Magazine, Summer 2022.]

What I love about this artwork is that it’s quite simple to make, and you can create whatever it is you want to create. The end result is simple and so very beautiful. And there you have it! A fun art activity using sea glass.

Happy creating!

[PHOTOS: All photos by Faith Collins and used by permission.]

Now it's your turn!

What other fun designs can you create? Let us know in the comments!

Be sure and take photos of yourself having a delightful time making your own sea glass art. Share your photos on Instagram and tag us @OurStory.Magazine!

Faith Collins lives in Newfoundland, Canada, with her supportive husband, two incredible daughters, and sweet dog. She has a Bachelor of Education as well as a Business Administration diploma. Faith has taught passionately for over 15 years, and she is also pursuing her long-time interest in photography. Faith is an advocate for Mental Health and Addictions and readily shares her stories and experiences. Faith embraces life fully and in addition to photography, she loves travelling, learning, hiking, exploring, crafting, writing, and anything in nature.

Faith is a part of our Creative Team as she contributes fun and easy DIY projects each season. She is also the primary photographer for Our Story Magazine as one third of all the photos in our issues are captured by her lens. Connect with Faith on Instagram and


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