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Who we are


Krista Hewlett, Founder

I am excited to introduce you to the women who contribute their gifts and voices to Our Story Magazine! 

It is a humble honor to amplify their offering for kingdom purposes—each gift and voice unique and beautiful. 

For so long, my heart has grieved over the empty seats at the King’s table. In seeking His heart for creative ways to pull together my skills, experience serving women, and desire to honor Him as an offering—He said, “Daughter, you have all you need. Go. Do it now.” His faithful direction is never too far from our reach.


I am in awe and thrilled with the welcomed eagerness from women to be a part of Our Story. My heart has overflowed again and again with gratitude and wonder as He continually surprises me in this unknown journey.


One thing remains clear, the more time I spend connecting with other women, the more I realize that God’s daughters yearn to be seen—by you and me. Women serving women is key to moving forward in our relationships, families, churches, communities, and societies. Loving and serving one another begins with truly seeing each other.

Friend, we have been thinking about you and praying for you. Whichever season you are in, please know that you are not alone. We pray you find something in Our Story that speaks hope to your heart or inspires you in new ways.


We welcome you to His table of becoming and belonging. Bring all the broken bits that cause you to feel alone or not enough. We know that once you are here—the rubble, debris, and chaff that has been piling on you for so long will melt away in the presence of our King. It is an honor to meet you here as we serve one another—gathered here for such a season as this.

Together, we are 19 writers and creatives from across Canada and the United States. We are from different countries, cultures, and generations, yet we share a common thread—our love of Jesus and the desire for each woman to feel seen.


Much love,

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Meet the writers and creatives for the Spring 2022 Issue of Our Story.

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