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Who we are

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Krista Hewlett, Founder

I am excited to introduce you to the women who contribute their gifts and voices to Our Story Magazine! 

I am in awe and thrilled with the welcomed eagerness from women to be a part of Our Story. It is my humble honor to amplify their offering for kingdom purposes—each gift and voice unique and beautiful. My heart has overflowed again and again with gratitude and wonder as He continually surprises me in this unknown journey.

For so long, my heart has grieved over the empty seats at the King’s table. In seeking His heart for creative ways to pull together my skills, experience serving women, and desire to honor Him as an offering—He said, “Daughter, you have all you need. Go. Do it now.” His faithful direction is never too far from our reach.


And so we have Our Story Magazine.

Our Story Magazine inspires women to lean in and listen to one another as we hear the Father beckon each tender heart to step out where He may be calling.

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We believe many of God’s daughters feel alone and yearn to feel seen by you and me—for who they authentically are. And if women serving women is key to moving forward in our relationships, families, churches, and communities, then loving each other well must begin with truly seeing one another.

We understand that no matter the season on our calendars, women are in various seasons of life and grace. She may be a young professional at work and play, looking for harmony in all life throws her way. She may be a young mom, nurturing family and home, desperately seeking inspiration for the weeks ahead. Or maybe she sees an empty nest for a number of reasons, and life is moving too fast or too slow, and she is unsure what her next step should be.

We offer hope-filled stories, articles, reflective journaling prompts, and more in every issue to remind us of the indescribable goodness of God and that we belong to Him. We want women to be encouraged that, as we seek ways to step out in faith and live as He desires, He is not surprised by our questions and only desires that we rest in His plan and purpose for each of us.

We hope a welcomed comfort is evident in the pages of every issue of Our Story, like the understanding embrace of a friend. We pray women find hope for their hurting hearts and that they are inspired to live free and trust God in every season of life and grace. And we always include inspiration for growth and fun! 

Our writers and creatives are from different countries, cultures, and generations who share a love of Jesus and a desire for each woman to feel truly seen.


Much love,

Meet the writers and creatives for the Spring 2023 Issue of Our Story.

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