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“This is beautiful!!”—Cara


“Wow! Beautiful!”—Celeste


“This is amazing!”—Heather


“This is incredible and absolutely fascinating!!”—Juliette


“Absolutely stunning! I’ve already ordered copies for friends on our list.”—Karla

“If your heart longs for life-filling, encouraging, real words from women who want nothing more than for you to live a life filled with hope, you may want to get yourself a copy of Our Story Magazine.”—Norma





This magazine / storybook / journal is such a beautiful experience. I don't even have the words that would adequately express what an experience this is. Such beautiful photography, design, editing, storytelling. My favorite parts are that there are no ads and this is printed on high quality paper! Grab some tea, a cozy blanket, light the fire in the fireplace and get comfortable. You will want to soak this in! I can hardly wait for the next issue! Mel (also reviewed on Amazon)

“Excellent quality magazine, no ads, and all original photos which are stunningly beautiful! I read it in one long sitting (150 pages of goodness.) As a foodie, my favorite section is the recipes. Can't wait to try the Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipe and hot chocolate bombs. I also loved that there are photos of each contributor, a bio, and where they live (USA, Canada, Newfoundland.) As I read their articles, I felt like we were chatting over a cup of hot tea. Krista Hewlett did a fantastic job putting together a magazine that is a joy to read and would make a lovely gift, too. I'm thankful for Hope*Writers connecting me with Krista and several other contributors.”—Kristin (also reviewed on Amazon)



“A beautiful source of inspiration. This publication is so beautifully crafted and filled with inspirational articles. One can feel the love and attention put in every detail of this lovely example of hope that reaches across generations, personal interests, and diverse backgrounds.” —Tiffany

“I loved this so much that I bought three more, for my adult daughters! There are no ads. The paper is a wonderful quality. Photos are super. The content is beautiful. I can’t wait to dive into it over the next two months and read the articles and really spend time with it.”—khastings

“I love Our Story magazine! The articles and stories are inspiring and wonderful! The photography is stunning and it’s just fun with crafts, recipes, and things to do. I love it so much I plan to gift it to others rather than lend my copy. I highly recommend Our Story! You will love it!” —Linda 

I love the comfort and inspiration I’m getting from this publication. Everything is so well thought out; obviously, a great deal of care went into the making of it. I am looking forward to future issues! —bgailk

“I bought this magazine as a gift for my wife, and she absolutely loved it. It is a beautifully put together piece of art with inspirational stories and uplifting articles for all. I will definitely be buying again!”—Brett

“Beautifully written and illustrated, this magazine is as lovely to look at as it is inspirational. Would make a very nice gift or addition to a gift basket!” —Happy Grandma

“What a wonderful magazine!!!” —deann1967

“I'm so happy to have my hands on this beautiful magazine! Everything in it is written so thoughtfully.”—Nyalee 

“Wow! This magazine is absolutely gorgeous! Not only does it have beautiful pictures, but also inspiring words and stories. I have loved the many incredible authors and artists featured in this issue, and I am looking forward to the next issue in the spring.”—Erin

“Sometimes you come across something so special that you want to share it with everyone. Our Story magazine is this for me. The magazine's stunningly beautiful pages carry not only amazing pictures but profound words. The magazine offers heartfelt and thoughtful reflections. Alongside the nonfiction and fiction articles, there are activities and recipes to try, and the magazine is free from ads. I discovered something special across all 150 pages—what a gift for the reader. I highly recommend the magazine!”—Laura

“This magazine is an incredible work of art! From the high quality images and layout to the content and articles--it's the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Unlike other magazines that are at least 1/2 advertisements, there are no ads in this one. You can enjoy the activities, the articles, and the images while sipping a cup of coffee or curled up by the fireplace.”—Esther 






“I'm so blessed to be the copyeditor and a contributor to a gorgeous new coffee-table style magazine, founded and designed by my friend and colleague, the amazing Krista Hewlett. Krista dreamed of creating a magazine, found writers to be involved, and now it's here!! I'm so proud of the quality of this publication!! It is 150 pages of amazing photography, inspiring and heartfelt articles, yummy recipes, fitness tips, and much more—it's jampacked with the hope and grace we need for the season. Sitting by the fire or the tree taking in the visuals and reading it is such a delight!”—Loral


“Our Story Magazine is a brand new, faith-based magazine designed to bring you hope and inspiration in the different seasons of your life. This magazine is filled with words, pictures, poems, recipes, and more that will nourish your mind and soul. I am so grateful to have been asked to contribute and have a pause. breathe. pray. section! If you are looking for a special gift to give to a loved one, or need a small gift to add to your own list, consider getting a digital or print copy of Our Story Magazine! “—Shawn


“I am so excited to be one of the writers in the first issue of "Our Story Magazine: Hope & Inspiration for Seasons of Life and Grace"! I received my first copy in the mail today, and Amazon Prime did a great job delivering it quickly to me. It is a beautiful magazine filled with hope for your heart during Christmas and the winter season that follows. It is also a thoughtful and encouraging gift for someone special on your gift list.”—Noreen

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