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Nature-filled Ice Suncatcher Ornaments

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

From Pages 126-127 of Our Story Magazine • Winter 2021-2022 • Issue No.1

This DIY decor idea comes to us from Faith Collins. Be sure to check out her Instagram This crafty scene that you see above is from Faith's kitchen and pulled straight from the digital pages of the Share & Embrace the Season Section of Our Story Magazine, Winter 2021-2022.

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Ice suncatcher ornaments are a fun and easy craft for the entire family and a great motivator to get outside and connect with nature in the colder temperatures. They can be made with a variety of materials from nature so get out and start looking. Some suggestions are berries, grass, hay, twigs, flowers, leaves, pine cones—anything that can go back into nature and is not harmful to animals and the environment. Food colouring can also be used to add a little splash of colour.


Cake pan or another round container. Muffin pans are great for smaller ornaments.

Nature finds (as mentioned above). Berries, grass, hay, twigs, flowers, leaves, pine cones.

Small cup filled with coins (or anything to weigh the cup down)


Freezer space

Food colouring (optional)


1. Place the cup filled with coins towards the edge of the pan (not too close). Doing this will work as the hole for the twine with which you will hang your ornament.

2. Place the nature-finds at the bottom of the freezing container.

3. Pour hot or boiled water over everything. Add food colouring for a splash of colour if you wish. (Hot or boiled water prevents cloudiness).

4. Place in the freezer and freeze completely.

5. When frozen, remove the coin-filled cup and then remove the ice ornament from the container.

6. Loop twine through the hole. (I have also put the yarn in the ornament to freeze, but I find the string melts out too quickly. You can also use a drill to make the hole).

Hang outside and enjoy the combination of sunlight, nature treasures, and ice to create a shimmering, colour-filled, winter ornament!

What other ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Maybe you could add flower pedals and buds.

Below is an example with food colouring and frozen in a heart-shaped pan. It's pretty even as it begins to melt on warmer days.

Now it's your turn!

Be sure and take photos of yourself having a delightful time making your ice suncatchers. Share them on Instagram and tag us @OurStory.Magazine!

All photos by Faith Collins and used with permission. Be sure to check out her Instagram


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Such a beautiful idea! And such a nice treat for the snowbirds :)

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