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Ink-Blown Fall Trees: DIY Gift & Home Decor.

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

From Pages 130-131 of Our Story Magazine • Autumn 2022 • Issue No.4

By Faith Collins

[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Page 131 of Our Story Magazine, Autumn 2022.]

This fun project could also be a great activity to enjoy with the kids and grandkids during Thanksgiving week!


If you do not have ink, try diluting acrylic paint. Watercolor paints and brushes would also be nice. Or simply use markers or crayons to draw your trees. The adventure is collecting the leaves, crunching them up, and gluing them to the artwork. Enjoy!

From Faith

Of all of the world’s wonders, few outmatch the resilience and strength of trees. Roots navigate obstacles to penetrate deep into the earth and grow vibrant leaf-bearing arms that reach for the sun. Such a miracle of nature that whispers peace to the soul and hope for tomorrow.

I love this simple ink-blown fall tree art activity. It’s so easy and great for adults and children alike!

[PHOTO: Page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: Page 130-131 of Our Story Magazine, Autumn 2022.]


1. straw

2. cardstock paper

3. liquid glue

4. autumn leaves

5. stamp pad ink (or watered-down black acrylic paint)

6. photo frame (if desired)

[PHOTOS: All photos by Faith Collins and used by permission.]


First, collect fall leaves and place them aside.

Place a few drops of ink (or watered-down black acrylic paint) on card stock paper. Using a straw, blow the ink around the paper. Add a few more drops here and there and continue blowing until you have something resembling a tree.

Don’t worry about making the “perfect” tree. All trees are unique and grow according to the elements! Note that using heavier card stock paper eliminates the paper waves that are made by liquid on thinner paper when it dries.

Tear the leaves into small pieces and affix them to the branches of your ink tree using white or clear liquid glue.

Let dry and voilà, you’re done!

You can paint a blue or yellow horizon using watercolour paint before creating the tree, but I personally like the simplicity of the fall tree against the white background.

I have done this craft for the purpose of home fall decor and also as a teacher with my students. I love doing it as a class activity since every tree is always so unique!

[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. This wreath is a lovely example of a wreath you could display from Spring into the Fall. It would also be nice without a letter or with an extra-large letter embellishment. From page 126 of Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022.]
[PHOTO: By Faith Collins. Sample ink-blown art. Page 130 of Our Story Magazine, Autumn 2022.]

Now it's your turn!

What other fun designs can you create? Let us know in the comments!

Be sure and take photos of yourself having a delightful time making your own ink-blown fall tree art. Share your photos on Instagram and tag us @OurStory.Magazine!

Faith Collins lives in Newfoundland, Canada, with her supportive husband, two incredible daughters, and sweet dog. She has a Bachelor of Education as well as a Business Administration diploma. Faith has taught passionately for over 15 years, and she is also pursuing her long-time interest in photography. Faith is an advocate for Mental Health and Addictions and readily shares her stories and experiences. Faith embraces life fully and in addition to photography, she loves travelling, learning, hiking, exploring, crafting, writing, and anything in nature.

Faith is a part of our Creative Team as she contributes fun and easy DIY projects each season. She is also the primary photographer for Our Story Magazine as one third of all the photos in our issues are captured by her lens. Connect with Faith on Instagram and


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