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Themes and features you will find throughout our Spring 2022 Issue.

Our heart.

Our 19 writers and creatives desire to offer hope for your current season in life, grace for the hurting soul, as well as ideas to inspire growth and activities to embrace the remaining moments of spring.

[PHOTO: Our writers and creatives. Pages 3-4 of Our Story Magazine • Spring 2022]
[PHOTO: Our writers and creatives. Pages 3-4 of Our Story Magazine • Spring 2022 • Digital Edition]

What's inside.

It is an honor for us to fill 150 pages of Our Story with valuable columns, features, and activities. We list everything on the Contents pages because we want you to know who contributed what piece, what awaits you inside, and exactly where to find it.

[PHOTO: Pages 6-7 of Our Story Magazine • Spring Issue • Digital Edition.]
[PHOTO: Pages 6-7 of Our Story Magazine • Spring Issue • Digital Edition.]

Themes and features you will find in our Spring Issue:

Instead of headings and titles we thought it would be helpful to recap themes and features in 10 words or less.


  • Four aspects of forgiveness that cultivate hope to overcome.

  • Five ways plants grow intentionally — and so can we.

  • Six insightful reflections of hope after life’s losses.

  • God’s healing artwork for perfectionism and anger.

  • Hope from the garden tomb to the gardens of our hearts.

  • Accepting brokenness — a path to healing and growth.

  • Spiritual disciplines help us exercise our freedom.

  • Walk through “no-way-out” situations with God.

  • Allow hard times to propel you and bloom with purpose.

Creative Pieces & Reflection

  • A short story follows the journey of 23-year-old Anya.

  • A poem echoes the inhale and exhale of spring’s delight.

  • A prayer offers expectant hope and encouragement.

  • A 3-Day devotional — ‘Come and see’ Jesus of the gospels.

  • Prompted journaling space with inspiring photography.

Practical Application

  • Four tips to start and stick with your business.

  • Questions to ask yourself on your journey to self-care.

  • Movement is medicine (includes helpful tips).

  • Meal prep like a pro! A step-by-step guide.

  • Intentional ways to lighten the load of a mother.

  • Develop your faith-based story using 12 steps.

  • Send a handwritten message to someone special.

  • Letterpress stationery to cultivate community one card at a time.

Plus, spring fun!

  • 31 ways to embrace spring.

  • Games, puzzles, and coloring.

  • DIY wreath for any occasion.

  • Two decadent dessert recipes.

Other features

  • Nearly 100 photos—all from contributors.

  • 150 pages of premium print quality!

  • No advertisements!

Peek inside

Our Spring Issue is a genuine offering of hope and inspiration for seasons of life and grace.

Print Edition.

Digital Edition.

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  • You will receive the pdf file via email, immediately.

What are the benefits of our Digital Edition?

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View on phone, tablet, or computer. Or print any pages you want—Our Story includes journal space, worksheets, puzzles, coloring sheets, games, and more. You may print any of the pages you wish!

🌿 Hyperlinks Included

Click page numbers on the contents page to go directly to articles. Contributor website and social media links throughout the magazine will open online.


Our Story Magazine—Hope and Inspiration for Seasons of Life and Grace is a seasonal, premium print, and digital publication. 100% contributor content includes photography, inspirational fiction, poetry, journal prompts, practical life application articles, recipes, projects, gift ideas, plus featured women in small business.

100% Contributor Content!

No ads! No sponsors!

No stock photos!

150 pages

Premium color


Thank you for visiting with us today!

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