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Meet Tina, Author of Come and See. Our Easter Feature.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Featured on pages 60-67 of Our Story Magazine • Spring 2022 • Issue No.2

Our Story Magazine • Winter 2021-2022 • Featured woman in small business.  Karla Byrum of Wandering Tulips.
[PHOTO: Our Story Magazine, Spring 2022. Seasonal feature. Tina Reale, author of Come and See.]

It's an honor to introduce you to Tina Reale, the author of Come and See: Pursuing Christ’s Presence and the Power of the Gospel in Your Everyday Life. A 90-Day Gospels Devotional for Women.

Tina says, above all else, she is a follower and servant of Christ. As a devotional writer, Tina seeks to share uplifting words that are rooted in God’s Word. She has a heart to help women grow in their understanding of Scripture, inspiring them to stand firm in their faith no matter the changes of culture or circumstance. Tina lives in the North Georgia Mountains with her husband and two children. Connect with Tina on her website and on Instagram @tinareale.

Tina contributed a 3-Day Easter Weekend Devotional for our Spring Issue excerpted from her book Come and See. Tina's introduction and Easter weekend devotionals are on pages 60-67.


Come and See: Pursuing Christ’s Presence and the Power of the Gospel in Your Everyday Life is a 90-day guided devotional that will take you through the Gospels as it refreshes your hope in Jesus.

Excerpt from page 60 of

From Tina

Living in Light of the Gospel:

An introduction to her 3-Day Easter Weekend Devotional in our Spring Issue

"Is the world dark to you right now? Do you feel the heaviness of humanity’s collective pain as well as the weight of the problems you carry? Do you ache for more peace, hope, and joy in your days? Do you wish you could make sense of the suffering you see whether in your own life, the life of a loved one, or our world?

Those questions point us to our longing for Jesus. We need the gospel. And not a substandard version of it, but the real thing.

We do not need our spiritually dead and empty lives to be made better by our worldly standards. We need the hope found in Jesus Christ that brings us from death to life. We do not need a Band-Aid of empty earthly promises for how to fix things. We need the only one capable of redeeming all that is broken to provide a cure for our souls.

I pray these three devotions from Come and See: Pursuing Christ’s Presence and the Power of the Gospel in Your Everyday Life remind you of the power of the gospel, no matter how helpless things around you seem. Because as the world grows darker, the gospel only shines brighter. Live in light of this truth today."


Krista's Review of Come and See

Last summer I was delighted to help Tina as a beta reader for this book. I could not put the manuscript down and read all 90-devotions in 3-days!

Tina handles tough topics with wisdom and graceful intention, always pointing back to the gospel.

She offers a profound reminder that Jesus is the Son of God and why He is the perfect caretaker of our souls.

You will have read all of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in 90-days, as each day’s reading focuses on a chapter of the Gospels.

I highly recommend this devotional for any season of a believer's journey.

NEW BELIEVERS will be captivated by the gospels.

BELIEVERS WHO STRUGGLE with the phrase “Jesus loves me" can know what truth and true love can look like.

BELIEVERS WITH QUESTIONS can feel welcomed within these pages as heartfelt dialogue points them to Jesus and the answers they may seek.

SEASONED BELIEVERS can expect more than a daily dose of encouragement. There is a depth here that we rarely find in devotionals anymore.



We hope you enjoyed learning more about Tina and her book Come and See!

Check out Tina’s Instagram @tinareale where she shows up daily with consistent biblical devotions and the best reels! If you want the gospel truth, with no fluff—Tina is your girl!

Also visit Tina's website and sign up for her weekly emails at

Give her a follow and a share!

Connect with Tina online: TINAREALE.COM Instagram @tinareale

Women serving women—this is how we build community.

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