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Hope and inspiration for the season—Articles, inspirational fiction, poetry, reflective prompts, journaling space, and prayer to offer you hope for the season while inspiring new perspectives.


For seasons of life and grace—Nourishment for your mind, body, and soul offered through articles, reflective prompts, and worksheets packed with helpful tips for practical life application.


Share and embrace the season—Recipes, projects, and meaningful gift ideas to enjoy with others as you create and share new and lasting memories during the season and for years to come.


Interactive components with the Our Story Community


Seasonal features and featured women in small business


Our Story Magazine inspires women to lean in and listen to one another as we hear the Father beckon each tender heart to step out where He may be calling.


WINTER 2021-2022 


What may you be feeling during these winter months of celebration, reflection, change, renewal, reevaluation, goal setting, dreaming? Do you feel joy or sorrow—possibly both? Maybe this winter season, you are grieving loss or mourning the condition of our world. Maybe, you feel anxious about the unknown or waiting with expectation for the adventure that awaits in 2022.


The season may be winter, but you may be in various seasons of life and grace. Are you a young professional at work and play, balancing life, work, and relationships? Maybe you are a mom nurturing family and home, needing rest and assurance that you matter. Or, are you an empty-nester extending grace as you plan around the schedule of your adult children?


Whichever season you are in right now, we anticipate you may find something here that speaks hope to your heart or inspires you in new ways. Together, we are 19 writers and creatives from across Canada and the United States. We are from different countries, cultures, and generations, yet we share a common thread—our love of Jesus and the desire for each woman to feel seen.

Our Story Magazine • Winter 2021-2022 (Digital Edition)

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$6.50Sale Price
    • You will receive an email receipt immediately that includes the link to download the PDF file.
    • Print on 8.5x11" paper for best results.

    • View on tablet, phone, or computer.

    • Our Story includes many interactive pieces—journal space, worksheets, puzzles, coloring sheets, games, and more. You may print any of the pages you wish!

    • View 1 or 2 pages at a time. We love the 2-page views, but also reads nicely one page at a time.

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