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Spring brings images of greenery, budding flowers, nourishing rains, awakening from a winter’s slumber, and newborn animals that embody a sense of hope. We see beauty and innocence, which help us embrace life’s new, gentle rhythms and let go of things past.


This spring, we invite you to release what holds you back. Perhaps you are hanging on to self-sabotaging habits, crippling fear, or ill-fitting roles. Perhaps you are shackled by doubt, shame, or bitterness. We encourage you to exhale as you surrender every burden to God and invite Him, as Master Gardener of your heart, to cultivate fertile ground for growth.


In this issue, 32 women from five countries share their experiences of releasing perfectionism, the inner critic, toxic relationships, and more. They honor motherhood, express the power of forgiveness made possible by the Resurrection, give biblical insights on peace and perseverance, and provide fun tips to welcome spring.


  • Hope and inspiration for the season—Hope-filled articles, inspirational fiction, poetry, and prayer extend hope for the season and inspiration from fresh perspectives.
  • For seasons of life and grace—Nourishment for mind, body, and soul is offered through contemplative articles, reflective prompts, and ideas for practical life application.
  • Share and embrace the season—Tips, recipes, projects, and meaningful gift ideas to enjoy with others as you create and share new and lasting memories for the season and years to come.
  • Interactive components with the Our Story Community
  • Seasonal features and stunning original photography

Product details

  • All photos by contributors
  • Ad-free and sponsor-free
  • Matte softcover
  • Premium print
  • Full-color interior
  • 8.5x11"
  • 120 pages

1 Pack of 10: Our Story Magazine • Spring 2024 (Print Edition)

$249.90 Regular Price
$174.93Sale Price

  • Ships to one address. Allow 10-12 business days for delivery.

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