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31 Ways to

Embrace Autumn

At Our Story Magazine, we hope to inspire you to enjoy the remaining days of autumn before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season sets in.

We invite you to download our free 31 Ways to Embrace Autumn checklist!

If you have a copy of our Autumn Issue, you may also find this list on pages 120-121.

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30 Days of Gratitude

Our 30 Days of Gratitude may be used as a 30-day checklist. For example, you may want to begin November 1 and check off each square as you move through the 30 days in November. Or, simply use these 30 ideas to inspire you to embrace a lasting practice of gratitude.

In Norma's Live Well column on pages 110-119 of our Autumn Issue, she shares how to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and how one of the most impactful things you can do to begin a practice of gratitude is to write down three things you are grateful for every morning. Use this list of 30 examples as inspiration for your daily gratitude journaling.

As you work through these 30 days or write in your gratitude journal, post photos and tag us on Facebook or Instagram to inspire others @OurStory.Magazine.

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